About me:

My signature massage can best be described as "Deep World Fusion" ... a custom blend of deeply relaxing massage styles from around the world; artfully combined with specific treatment protocols, stretches, spa applications, and/or other relaxation techniques and tools as needed/desired.  This uniquely therapeutic bodywork modality is ideally suited to athletic conditioning, stress management, and injury rehabilitation.

For those who enjoy the intense therapy of firm pressure and deep tissue work, you will soon discover yourself in very good hands; and for those preferring a lighter touch, be assured that together we will find just the right amount of pressure to suit you.

For me, massage therapy is more than a career, it is a calling.  I truly believe that deep relaxation of body, mind, and spirit is a vital, and all too often missing, component of a balanced, healthy, and happy lifestyle.  Constant stress (mental, emotional, and physical) is simply a part of our modern daily life ... and the ability to relax completely is our key to managing it successfully.  Massage is my way of assisting others to achieve that restorative state of deep relaxation.       



Relax ... Be Happy ... Love Life!